About AEP

AEP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to:

  • Educating the public on the actual origins and meaning of the Second Amendment: exposing how it has been corrupted by modern assumptions and agendas
  • Leading legal challenges to overturn D.C. v. Heller: “the worst self-inflicted wound in Court history” (retired Justice John Paul Stevens, 2019)
  • Reinstating legislative ability to break the senseless cycle of gun violence

Our focus is on public education and legal action directed at the root of the gun violence epidemic—Heller—exposing flaws so obvious it cannot legally stand:

  • “all justices could foresee the negative consequences” of Heller (retired Justice Stevens, 2019)—why hasn’t the country made the connection?
  • Heller “created a new blockbuster right” to guns “not apparent to the Court for over two centuries” (Judge J. Harvey Wilkinson, 2011)—as deadly as if the Court declared a right to drive drunk and as chilling to regulatory remedies
  • Heller took legislative choices off the table through epic oversights of pivotal text and history—more vulnerable in today’s Court than you think!

The Second Amendment has NOTHING to do with an individual right—that “greatest piece of fraud” (former Chief Justice Warren Burger, 1991) that spreads tragedy across America:

  • The public, gun-control community, and our nation’s leaders need to see the deadly effects, historic blunders, and vulnerabilities of Heller—hiding in plain sight
  • NOW is the time to support more effective legal and political strategies to restore the amendment’s real meaning—not after more years of thoughts, prayers, and futility
  • Protect the right not to be shot and wounded, and families and communities from being devastated—and ensure life, public liberty, and tranquility promised us all!

Enough is enough.  AEP can show the way, with your support.