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The American Enlightenment Project’s mission is to:

• Focus attention on the two Supreme Court decisions that turned America’s “gun problem” into a “gun epidemic”

• Bring groundbreaking legal challenges to overturn those rulings, revealing systemic oversights of Second Amendment text, founding history, and meaning, and

• Improve public understanding and illuminate forgotten truths about the Second Amendment, its real origins and meaning, and expose blind spots putting lives at risk

As this chart shows, guns and gun deaths soared in tandem after the Supreme Court declared a right to possess firearms in 2008 (D.C. v. Heller), expanded in 2010 (McDonald v. Chicago), from 310 to 400 million and 31,500 to 40,000.


“…[it’s] profoundly important” the public sees how Heller “curtails [legislative] power to regulate guns that contribute to roughly 88 [now 109] deaths every day,” —Justice John Paul Stevens, 2014, citing the “slaughter caused by the prevalence of guns.”

“…[a way] to overrule Heller is desperately needed to prevent [more] tragedies” —Justice Stevens, 2019


Enough is enough! Overturn Heller to end the Gun Epidemic.

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