Clarity is required to solve complex problems, which is what the American Enlightenment Project brings to the gun epidemic—one of the most vexing crises in America today.

AEP is readying court challenges to overturn Heller at the earliest opportunity. It seeks financial support to do so, from those prepared to address the epidemic at its source.

AEP also is preparing a campaign to demystify the Second Amendment. Americans tolerate their deadly gun addiction out of a belief in a right under the Constitution they revere. That reverence will be its undoing, when AEP decisively shows what the amendment really means.

You can support this effort and help curb unchecked gun violence in America, enable more effective and lasting reform, and restore the actual Second Amendment. Spread the word about Heller, and support AEP in its critical mission to overturn it.


Find out how you can support the American Enlightenment Project’s mission to end the gun violence epidemic by emailing, or calling (202)-601-8756.