About AEP

Having forgotten there was an American Enlightenment and our founding history, we now have what prior generations did not: a “gun epidemic,” declared in 2015 in the first front-page New York Times editorial in a century. 

It keeps worsening ever since a divided Supreme Court in D.C. v. Heller (2008) “created a new blockbuster right” to guns “not apparent to the Court for over two centuries” as criticized by conservative and liberal jurists alike—as deadly as would be a constitutional right to drive drunk.

Heller, a tragic miscalculation that purported to decide a Second Amendment scholars call “baffling,” took legislative choices “off the table” through sheer guesswork and epic oversights of founding history and constitutional text, including the verb on which the entire Amendment rests.

AEP was formed to break the cycle of gun violence through a groundbreaking understanding of the plain meaning of the Second Amendment, a major re-education of the courts and public, and legal challenges to overturn Heller as intervenor or friend of the court, exposing flaws so obvious and fatal it can have no binding effect.